Frequently Asked Questions

How long before we get our caps?

You can expect delivery of your order of cricket caps at your door within 4 weeks of us receiving your payment, sometimes earlier. Express order option is available upon request.

Does Bespoke Baggy Caps embroider the caps through the lining?

No, we do not supply poor quality imported caps (from Pakistan or India) and then embroider through the lining. At Bespoke Baggy Caps, every order is custom made in Australia, so the embroidery is done during construction of our caps, for that professional look. Ask your supplier where their caps come from and you’ll be surprised.

What are Bespoke Baggy Caps made from?

Bespoke Baggy Caps are made from 100% Australian wool, with a cotton lining. The traditional way. Remember “A Baggy ain’t a Baggy if it ain’t Australian Made”.

What is the minimum quantity of caps we need to order?

The most economic number is 20 caps per order, however we will make orders with a minimum of 12 caps, but it will cost a little more.

What colour options do you have?

We have 11 colours in our range & we don’t charge extra for colour combinations. Choose as many colours from our range as you like & it’s not a problem.

Do you make the Australian Test Caps?

At the present time Bespoke Baggy Caps does not make the Australian Test caps, but we do meet all the criteria. Australian owned company, made in Australia from 100% Australian Wool. We meet all these requirements, so hopefully soon we will be the official supplier to Cricket Australia.

Do you supply caps to other countries?

We are able to send our caps to most countries.

What sizes do the caps come in?

Our caps come in sizes, Small 52cm-54cm, Medium 55cm- 57cm, Large 58cm-59cm, Extra Large 60cm-62cm & Extra Extra Large 63cm-65cm.

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